Uses and benefits of coconut oil.

Could coconut oil be the best beauty product ever found? Without a doubt, it is one of the most flexible things that you can incorporate into your beauty regimen and neither protects the world. Coconut oil is pure, simple, 100% natural, and it can make your skin and hair very healthy and young. If you still can’t get coconut oil, read these ten ways you can use the amazing oil to make yourself more beautiful.

Makeup remover

why do you have to have money for expensive makeup replacement when coconut oil makes the job even better? You know you should remove every last stretch of your makeup every night, and coconut oil will do a great job for you. It will also show your skin. Simply apply a cotton ball in a little coconut oil and use it to remove eye makeup and remove the final makeup pieces from your face, after using a cleanser.

Lip balm

Hydraulic coconut oil is hydrated and works wonders on dry and dry lips. It deepens the skin, deep down, and keeps your lips recoverable and soft throughout the winter. It also helps pump the lips and stop the fine lines found on the skin around the mouth. Try mixing it with a drop of peppermint oil to make your own flavoring.

Hair mask

Coconut is also perfect for hair and you can use it as your normal mask. Just a little coconut oil until it becomes liquid, apply your hair and then let it act for about five minutes before washing it again with warm water. It will nourish your hair, moisturize it and leave it soft, soft and shiny.

Pulling oil

if you have not tried to extract oil yet, you must move forward. It is an ancient technique to extract oil from the oil to bother around the mouth to kill bacteria and keep teeth and gums healthy. People used sesame oil to extract oil, but coconut oil is equally effective, tastes better and will also help keep teeth white.

Smooth circles

Coconut oil also keeps your cuticles soft and healthy. Massage the coconut oil in your cuticles every day and you won’t have to worry about dried, broken cuttings again.

Use under the eyes

the skin under the eyes is one of the finest your body has. This means that there is a good chance of developing fine lines when you get older. To apply coconut oil on the skin under the eyes, help keep the skin lighter and younger. It is also a good way to reduce fairness and dark circles.

Domesticate curly hair

when your hair is not playing ball and straw hairs will not be soft, coconut oil can also come here. Simply trace some coconut oil over your hair and you will soon be under control again. However, be careful not to use too much, or your hair may get greasy.

Leave the hair in dry hair conditioner

Coconut oil will do a great job to refract dry and brittle hair. After shampooing your hair at night, prepare some coconut oil to rub it in a dry circle and leave it out overnight. It will work deeply in your hair while you sleep and when you wash it again in the morning, the shine and the box will return to your hair again.


For some people, coconut oil on the face, and leaving it too long, can only pores the skin of the o’clock, if you use it as a mask and wash it again, you will get all the coconut oil hydraulic benefits, without the problem of clogging of pores. Try mixing some coconut oil with some natural honey. It will help your skin look young and also be related to bacteria.

Body butter

you can use coconut oil in its natural and solid form, such as body butter to turn off your skin. Simply take a tablespoon of coconut oil and massage your skin right after showering. If you are going to do this just before leaving, give it some time for the oil to penetrate your skin before dressing, or you could put it on your clothes.

10 ways to use coconut oil to see and measure better, of course

1. Add it to your toothpaste or try to extract oil.
2. Make your own deodorants.
3. Use it as a natural makeup remover.
4. Make skin moisturizer.
5. Use it in your hair conditioner.
6. Use as cuticle cream.
7. Make your own body.
8. Use it as sunscreen.