Tobago Cays

A collection of several uninhabited islands in the southern part of the Grenadines that offer some of the best beaches for swimming, tanning and diving in the Caribbean. Turtles and fish are seen everywhere and snorkel, and when you go to the ground for a walk, there are iguanas that approach in the trees and roam among the bushes. Such a beautiful place.

Montreal Gardens

Although there are still fewer species of exotic plants in these gardens in the Kingston Botanical Gardens. It shows the wonderful man-made mix that was beautifully transformed and improved through interaction with nature. The owner himself, an old Frenchman with great general knowledge and a great understanding of the animals and flora of the region, showed us his 40-year-old creations: paradise, it is definitely worth spending 2 hours with someone even a little interested in nature.

Dark View Falls

Dark View Falls is a magnificent waterfall of two, one above the other, which turns towards high faces and plunges into natural pools. The waterfalls run during the year from a tributary of the Richmond River. A natural bamboo bridge over the river is attractive, as it is based on both majestic waterfalls. On-site facilities include restrooms, gazebo, observation deck and changing rooms. Long drive from Kings Court along narrow roads through fishing villages. Drive to the dirt road to the space where you follow. A bamboo bridge crosses the river you must cross.

Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Garden is one of the most important and popular sites in San Vicente. These are the oldest botanical gardens in the Western Hemisphere (founded in 1765) and are also an important conservation site (especially for the parrot of San Vicente). The Botanical Garden in King’s Town, a short walk from the city center. He is given good attention. The guide is very familiar with the plants and makes it very interesting.

Owia Salt Pond

The Owia pond is located on the northeast coast of St. Vincent, in the town of Owia, where some of the natives of St. Vincent and the Grenadines are found: the Black Ducks. The salt water pond is protected from the sea by the numerous volcanic rocks that surround it. The two-hour trip from Kingstown along the east coast takes you to this recreation site that is located in an extensive area of ​​well-maintained lands that descend to the sea where the salt pond is located. . Traditionally, it has been used as a therapeutic pool. Facilities in the park include gazebos, campfires, bath and shower. It is a great place to swim or picnic. The water is very clear. Out of the flashy path, our place was almost for us. They enjoyed fried chicken and beer from one of the vendors. True flavor.


This little sand rose, not far from the PSV, is almost too stereotyped to believe. It consists of reaching a cartoon cliché: the desert island where a shipwrecked survivor is thrown ashore. The traditional cartoon palm tree is replaced by a Palapa as the only structure on this small island. There is nothing else. A person should hold sunscreen and drink a cooler with liquid sodas. You can spend several hours snack, sit on the sand, clean the coldest materials, get up from the sun, etc. A sand grill with friendly fishermen who approach you when you dive. The water is as clear as a glass and superficial enough to lie on the sweet tide.