When you talk about health, many people start giving pieces of advice like, use this you will get this benefit. Eating early morning will do this. If you drink juices, you get freshness etc. I am tired now to listen to these. I decided to find out what is the truth behind these all scenario, do you know what I got as the answer? These are all just myths.  There is no fact behind them

We hear these type of bits of advice regularly and we probably believe in these. Likewise, I collected some popular health advice, Oh! Sorry myths of health which I am going to mention below:

Myth # 1: Eating Fatty Foods, Get Fat

I am 101% sure, you have heard this line that if you eat fatty foods, you would get fat. Naw! There is no fact behind this line. This is just a myth which is said by someone like me. But if you are thinking that fatty food doesn’t increase fat then what increase fat?

Calories increase fat in the body. When you don’t burn extra calories which you got from anything like fruits, cereals, vegetables etc, then it stores in the body as fat. You just need to burn those extra calories with walking or with light work out. Eat everything and burn calories. Everything will be ok!

Myth #2: Loss Weight by eating Breakfast

Breakfast is necessary and contains many essential nutrients which makes you active. It is true. But there is no relation between breakfast and weight loss. I don’t know why people believe in this myth. Think yourself how breakfast will make you slim?

If you are not hungry, and you are eating breakfast. You will just get bloating, heartburn. That’s all. Because when you eat food during the fullness of stomach, stomach slows it working. So, don’t take this on your mind. If you want to lose weight. Do something else.

Myth #3: Drink Eight Glasses of Water In A Day:

It is a very popular advice which someone gave you once in your life.  Water is important to our body. Our body depends 70 to 90% on water. But eight glasses of water in a day? This is wrong. Drink water more as you can drink in a day. It prevents you from dehydration.

Some people also advise that drink eight glasses of water in a day will make your skin fresher. This is also a myth. Your external skin appearance just depends on environment and humidity.

Myth #4: Body Detox by Eating in a Certain Way

Detoxing is the duty of your liver, not any food or any eating way can detoxification. That’s it!

Myth #5: Do Work Out and Eat what you Want

You can eat everything according to your health. Yes, working out make you active and helps in burning calories. But every food has its calories and its timing to burn.

Myth #6: Eating Late Makes you Fat:

It doesn’t matter when you are eating food whether it is 8 pm or 11 pm. Your food category depends. If you are eating the same food, no effect will occur on your body and you will not get any fat. So, Relax!