Great Green Macaw (Ara ambiguus). Sarapiquis, Costa Rica

Three parrots are meant to be repatriated back to SVG from Germany by The Association for the Conservation of Threatened Parrots (ACTP) whose major responsibility is the breeding of the Amazona Guildingi (parrot). It is a common fact that the national bird of the SVG is the Amazona Guildingi (parrot).

Hybrid Parrot

This would be the first instance where parrots whose breeding was done on an ex situ conservation programme will be taken back to St. Vincent and the Grenadines.
Upon landing at the Argyle International Airport at 4:30 pm on Monday, November 4, the birds will be received and taken to the quarantine facility at the airport after which they will be moved to another quarantine facility in Campden Park. The Chief Veterinary Officer will supervise the whole process.

Government officials and representatives from ACTP will be on hand to grace the official ceremony which will hold at the VIP lounge of the Argyle International Airport. Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves is expected to send a representative.

The Minister of Agriculture Saboto Caesar posited that the repatriation of the birds was a pointer to the gains being made in the conservation of nature by the country. “The historic event of the return of the parrots will signal a new dispensation in our nation’s conservation efforts.”

The birds will need to get a clean bill of health from the appropriate health agencies. After this, they will be delivered to Governor-General, H.E. Susan Dougan.